NASA SBIR 02-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER:02- A3.02-9734 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 022265 )
SUBTOPIC TITLE: 21st Century Air-Traffic Management
PROPOSAL TITLE: Integration of Unmanned Air Vehicles with the National Airspace System

SMALL BUSINESS CONCERN (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip, Phone)
Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.
11660 Alpharetta Highway
Roswell , GA   30076 - 4916
(770 ) 518 - 4228

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR/PROJECT MANAGER (Name, E-mail, Mail Address, City/State/Zip, Phone)
Wendy Elmore
11660 Alpharetta Highway
Roswell , GA   30076 - 4916
(770 ) 518 - 4228

This research refines existing associate decision aiding technology and applies it to a new, larger air traffic management (ATM) domain. We have shown in other NASA projects how our associate systems can provide Distributed Air-Ground (DAG) decision aiding to pilots, air traffic controllers, and airline dispatchers within the ATM system of a UAV free NAS. Our existing C2IT software provides decision aiding to UAV operators in combat environments in such a manner that the UAV looks much like a normal aircraft to external observers. We propose to refine our existing UAV decision aiding system so that UAV operators can collaborate effectively with the actors of the ATM system of the NAS. In particular, we shall identify the new ATM message signals and data objects required, synthesize new collaboration diagrams, and refine the finite state machine (FSM) of a UAV associate system. The associate will further the UAV?s similarities to a piloted aircraft in order to accommodate the existing decision support systems of air traffic controllers and pilots.

Future UAV systems will be able to operate on a routine basis with other aircraft in the NAS. This capability will allow them to be used everyday without special clearances or airspace being set aside for their operation. This will make UAV?s commercially viable for missions such as atmospheric radiation measurement, pipeline monitoring, homeland security, search & rescue, intelligence gathering, surveillance, fire fighting, agricultural and environmental monitoring, aerial photography and mapping, law enforcement, and telecommunication relay to name a few.

The results of this project will enable UAVs to smoothly interact with the NAS ATM system when they need to. They will enable the ATM system to maintain a high level of performance even during UAV operations. NASA will be able to take advantage of this capability during their UAV research and testing operations, which will make them far easier to execute than UAV operations today.

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