NASA SBIR 01-II Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: E2.02-8565 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 013434 )
PROPOSAL TITLE: 3D Antenna Array and GPS Receiver for Combined Navigation/Attitude Determination

Under the Phase I effort, a design was developed for a flexible, high performance Space-based Software GPS Receiver (SSGR). The objective of this Phase II effort is to develop an SSGR Engineering Development Unit to be used to demonstrate the next generation capabilities of the SSGR for space applications.

The SSGR is based on a digital multi-element phased array design that can be configured to provide: 4p steridian field of view for all-around GPS satellite visibility; digital beam and null-forming to allow tracking of both high power and low power GPS satellites; attitude determination to allow operation in a spinning satellite; advanced signal processing to allow extremely low power GPS satellite signal detection; precision GPS navigation capability using WADGPS corrections; and integrated GPS orbit determination using NASA GSFC?s GPS Enhanced Orbit Estimation Software (GEONS). On conclusion of the development effort, we propose to perform a demonstration of the SSGR capabilities to track both high and low power GPS satellite signals using a combination of live satellite tracking and simulated space mission scenarios.

The SSGR will provide a flexible, integrated precision navigation and attitude determination solution for space applications including LEO, HEO and GEO missions. The ability to track low power GPS satellites will extend the use of GPS for precision navigation and timing, particularly for high altitude space missions (above the GPS satellite constellation). The flexibility of the SSGR design will allow it to be adapted for use in launch and orbit entry, station-keeping and autonomous orbit estimation applications, leveraging a common rad-hard hardware implementation to keep the unit cost low for each individual application.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Dr. Alison K. Brown
NAVSYS Corporation
14960 Woodcarver Road
Colorado Springs , CO   80921 - 2370

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
NAVSYS Corporation
14960 Woodcarver Road
Colorado Springs , CO   80921 - 2370

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