NASA SBIR 01-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: B3.09-8937 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 013062 )
Particle Physics Transport Code for Simulation of Biological Shielding

A detailed simulation of the propagation of particles (including photons, electrons, nucleons,
mesons and so forth) through matter is the key component of any software which aims to
evaluate the effectiveness of shielding for materials and systems. The same core software
is also central to the development of high energy and nuclear physics experiments; while
the aim in this case is generally analysis of the performance of particle detectors, the same
physical effects must be simulated, and in considerable detail. Over the last few decades, the
high energy physics community has devoted an enormous amount of effort to the development
of software packages to simulate the interaction of radiation with matter. We propose to
evaluate the most current and detailed of these packages to ascertain to what extent it can
be adapted and specialized for evaluation of biological shielding.

Potential commercial applications would address any concern involving radiation shielding for
biological or other materials. This includes the aerospace industry, where cumulative doses
to passengers and crew due to cosmic rays at high altitudes are of concern. The code could
also be used to evaluate shielding for reactors, industrial radiography installations, and
medical imaging and radiotherapy facilities. Other applications involve evaluation of shielding
for laboratories engaged in basic research where radioactive or X-ray sources are used.

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tom paul
alternative energy solutions, inc.
PO Box 230269
Boston , MA   02123 - 0269

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alternative energy solutions, inc.
PO Box 230269
Boston , MA   02123 - 0269

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