NASA SBIR 00-II Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER: 10.05-9573 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 000428 )
PROPOSAL TITLE: A Lightweight EVA Emergency System

The selection of technologies for an evolutionary Space Station Freedom or a planetary (lunar or Martian) extravehicular mobility unit (EMU) will be strongly driven by the system volume and weight as well as life cycle costs, reliability and safety.

TDA Research, Inc. proposes to develop a compact, lightweight emergency system that will provide 30 minute life-support in the case of system or component failures in the Portable Life Support System (PLSS). The proposed system uses a low ventilation rate to reduce the amount of stored oxygen, reducing the associated weight and volume penalty. Operation of the system requires an effective sorbent that would remove carbon dioxide and moisture from the suit. The development of the high capacity absorbent was the key research objective in Phase I. We have developed a regenerable sorbent that is suitable for the conceptual system. We also carried out a preliminary system analysis to show that the design saves significant weight.

In Phase II, we will build and test a full-scale prototype of the low-venting emergency system. The unit will generate life data under simulated operation conditions and will serve as a basis for future system developments.

The sorbents developed through the Phase II research have potential to be used in enhanced water-gas-shift reaction, a critical process in hydrogen manufacturing. There is a clear industrial need for cost-effective production of hydrogen, with the current market approaching $1 billion/year. The demand for hydrogen is expected to grow in the near future. Therefore, TDA?s sorbent-enhanced water-gas-shift reactor concept can find immediate application. We will work with a leading industrial partner to commercialize the technology for the industrial gas market.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (Name, Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
Dr. Gokhan Alptekin
TDA Research, Inc.
12345 W. 52nd Ave.
Wheat Ridge , CO   80033 - 1917

NAME AND ADDRESS OF OFFEROR (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)
TDA Research, Inc.
12345 W. 52nd Ave.
Wheat Ridge , CO   80033 - 1917

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