PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 10.07-8598 (Chron: 001403 )
New and Innovative Valving Technology for Cryogenic Applications

The innovation proposed is an axially operated, high efficiency, low mass cryogenic valve. This innovation, termed Venturi Off-Set Technology (VOSTtm), addresses four critical needs for effective storage, transfer and use of cryogens in aerospace. These are: thermal isolation to minimize heat leakage,low pressure drop to accommodate high flows without cavitation, minimal mass and space requirement due to low profile, and adaptability to electromechanical actuation. Existing cryogenic valves require elaborate insulation measures to mitigate heat leakage through actuator stems, they are also characterized by: high pressure drop at high flows, large mass to envelope ratio, and high actuation torques. VOSTtm valves eliminate actuator contact with internal wetted parts, potentially improving thermal and fluid containment characteristics necessary for densified propellants while maintaining high flow. VOST valves are suited for electromechanical actuation due to low torque requirements. These features combine to improve valve reliability necessary for use of cryogens in Earth, space, and extra-terrestrial environments.
Phase 1 will determine the feasibility of adapting the innovative VOST tm design for cryogenic service. Tasks include material evaluation, sealing technology investigation, performance modeling and a conceptual design. Phase II will prototype, test, evaluate and deliver a cryogenic valve for system testing
and integration.

Successful adaptation of the VOSTtm valve to liquid fuels and oxidizers will lead to commercial opportunities within and beyond the cryogenic industry. Known applications include chemical process industries (both cryogenic and toxic), hydrocarbon exploration and production and any industry where thermal and fluid containment is essential. The VOSTtm design will potentially provide for efficient cryogenic transfer,storage, and delivery in extreme cooling operations such as low temperature superconductors or high temperature superconductor (HTS) research, high volume gas delivery systems such as LN2, and a variety of low temperature manufacturing operations. This technology can be cost effective, emission free, and therefore favorable for conversion from technology currently in use by industry.

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Robert Burgess
Big Horn Valve, Inc.
555 Absaraka
Sheridan , WY   82801 - 0000

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Big Horn Valve Inc
555 Absaraka
Sheridan , WY   82801 - 5501