PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 09.02-9236 (Chron: 000765 )
Robotic Bioreactor for Cell Culture in Space Applications (DYNACULT)

The specific innovation proposed is a fully-automated perfused cell-culture bioreactor system (laboratory in a cassette) tentatively named "DYNACULT". Space Hardware Optimization Technology, Inc.,will incorporate several technical innovations into the integrated DYNACULT system. These include, but are not limited to, options for gentle mixing of cell and/or microcarrier suspensions independently variable perfusion and oxygenation rates, pH and oxygen monitoring, real-time imaging of cells, compact design, computerized and automated control of all functions, user-friendly operation, and flexible options for automated collection of samples of cells and cell-free media simultaneously at chosen times. These functions can control and operate a 50 mL or 100 mL prototype bioreactor for several days without operator intervention. The need for these technical innovations were identified in SHOT's previous research that led to a flight-qualified and flight-proven bioreactor prototype named "CELLCULT". The DYNACULT system will fit conveniently into a cassette with a volume less than 2.0 L (space-flight version) or on a single shelf of a standard tissue culture incubator. SHOT, Inc. has manufactured prototypical space cell culture devices of the DYNACULT type and will utilize this experience along with the proposed innovations to establish a position in space and biotechnology markets for fully automated cell culture instruments.

SHOT’s products, including DYNACULT, address three markets: (1) space flight hardware manufactured for government research, (2) space-flight services for commercial and academic users and (3) research laboratory equipment. Applications of DYNACULT address each of these in the form of (1) potential sales of space flight hardware to government agencies using the compact, space-qualified features of the DYNACULT units and SHOT’s design and manufacturing capabilities, (2) agreements with biotechnology companies whose research in cell products or tissue engineering benefits from low gravity as implied in numerous recent scientific articles, and (3) by creating in the research laboratory a new paradigm for intermediate volume cell-product and tissue-engineering research. In case (3), in a laboratory scenario, an investigator may test five culture conditions. With a single bench-top computer, he/she can set up five simultaneous cultures, range of 10 mL to 1 liter, each with a different value of an independent variable. The cultures will control themselves automatically for several days and record temperature, pH, etc. and time and volume of sample collections. Then the collected samples can be analysed off-line for any chemical content, cell number, cell morphology, etc. This is a highly marketable integrated concept, with essentially no competition at present.

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Dr. Paul Todd
Space Hardware Optimization Technology, Inc.
7200 Highway 150
Greenville , IN   47124 - 9515

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Space Hardware Optimization Technology
7200 Highway 150
Greenville , IN   47124 - 9515