PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 03.07-8970 (Chron: 001031 )
A Reliable, Long Life, LOX Compatible Seal

Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) is pleased to present a unique and innovative Phase I research and design plan for a “Long Life Lox Compatible Seal”. This seal could be used to replace current troublesome shaft seals on Liquid Oxygen Pumps as well as other cryogenic pumps. The type of seal proposed has unique properties for rotating applications in that it provides a leak-free rotating seal and leak-free stationary seal. This is accomplished by using both an activated stationary mechanical seal and a “dynamic” rotating seal. The dynamic rotating seal uses the developed head in a small “Drag” pump to prevent leakage during rotation. The energized mechanical face seal is used only during system cooldown prior to actual rotation. This concept overcomes the problems associated within both face type mechanical seals and labyrinth seals in providing reliable sealing.

The Long Life Lox Compatible Seal has immediate commercial as well as NASA applications. Currently commercial LOX pumps use cryogenic mechanical face seals. These seals provide some sealing but tend to leak soon after installed, requiring replacement at intervals as low as 50 to 100 hours of operation. NASA uses many of the same type of sealed pumps and would be prone to the same type of failures. The Barber-Nichols concept prevents seal failures and will allow the seal system to last for the life of the pump. BNI can use this seal in their cryogenic pumps as well as retrofit other's pumps. Potential applications for this seal system are NASA LOX pumps, commercial cryogenic air product plant transfer pumps, and over-the-road truck transfer pumps. This concept is especially useful on very large pumps with high input horsepower motors.

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David Lowe
Barber-Nichols Inc.
6325 W. 55th Ave.
Arvada , CO   80002 - 2777

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Barber-Nichols Inc.
6325 W. 55th Ave
Arvada , CO   80002 - 2777