PROPOSAL NUMBER 00-1 01.03-7898 (Chron: 002103 )
Designer's Situation Awareness Toolbox (DeSAT)

This SBIR will develop a design decision support tool that will assist designers in providing a powerful, supportive work environment for aviation crews that support the maintenance of a high level of situation awareness in the flight environment. DeSAT will be developed as a design decision support system providing the capability to (1) analyze the situation awareness requirements associated with operational requirements (which could include ground based or flight based crew members), (2) compare situation awareness information requirements to system design features to identify potential situation awareness problems and deficiencies early in the design process, and (3) evaluate the degree to which design concepts support SA via the Situation Awareness Global Assessment Technique (SAGAT). DeSAT will be developed for analysis of SA for both individual crew stations and for distributed teams operating across flight and time. DeSAT will allow designers to modify design concepts early in the design process to ensure that they provide the needed situation awareness to system users.

DeSATís most immediate commercialization potential would be among aviation system design firms. This would include both commercial flight deck and military cockpit designers. This market would be both U.S. and international in scope. In addition, DeSAT could be shown to applicable to a much wider variety of systems, including ground transportation, space operations, distributed monitoring systems, power station control, maintenance and medical systems. This expansion would create an even larger market for DeSAT, as designers in these fields have traditionally had less background in human factors and cognitive engineering. DeSAT would provide a very important resource for these designers as it would allow them to assess the impact of combined and integrated systems on operator SA.

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Mica Endsley
SA Technologies, Inc
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SA Technologies, Inc.
4731 East Forest Peak
Marietta , GA   30066 - 1763